EnerACT Acquires P.I. Confluence to Expand Program Suite Offering to Pipeline Operators


Terri Hoffman
Marketing Refresh

Houston, TX — April 1, 2021: EnerACT Energy Services (EnerACT), a leader in software tools for the pipeline industry, has acquired P.I. Confluence (PIC) to expand its capability to support program management. The Program Suite software offered by PIC provides process management and stakeholder feedback tools to support pipeline operators in their implementation of safety management and operations performance.

PIC provides a complete governance control system for managing processes, workflow, communications, and information exchange. PIC’s software is uniquely fit for implementing process management and stakeholder communication to support API Pipeline SMS (PSMS) and to achieve regulatory compliance.

“The acquisition of P.I. Confluence (PIC) was a natural fit to enhance our regulatory and compliance capabilities for pipeline operations customers,” says Russel Treat, CEO of EnerACT. “As regulators’ expectations move toward auditing each operator’s processes and implementation records, the ability to provide the who, what, when, where, and why associated with execution has become more important than the actual ‘governance/plan’ itself. The PIC tools provide the means to effectively manage all of the data.”

Within the Program Suite are three web-based process management software tools (ComplyMgr, ICAM, and pSEc) that allow operators to document their programs and their compliance to regulations (ComplyMgr), implement their plan-do-check-act processes for implementing their program (ICAM), and optimize stakeholders communication to determine if they are seeing the desired safety and operational impacts (pSEc).

“We appreciate the opportunity to deliver software tools to more pipeline operators across North America through our addition to the EnerACT family,” says Sheila Howard, PIC VP & Software Solutions Manager. “When an operator’s API-driven Safety Management System is linked with the PIC Program Suite, it ensures that all areas of the PSMS are fully deployed throughout all levels of the organization. This is incredibly valuable in today’s pipeline safety and regulatory environment.”

– Find out more about P.I. Confluence and the Program Suite of software tools at https://www.piconfluence.com/.

ABOUT P.I. CONFLUENCE: PIC focuses on regulatory and compliance requirements through governance control system software to support the API Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS). The value to pipeline operators of utilizing PIC tools includes consistency, sustainability, proper documentation, workforce attrition protection, establishing a defensible position, maturity measurement, improved communications, program execution and effectiveness performance tracking and analytics, and improved audits.

ABOUT ENERACT ENERGY SERVICES, INC.: EnerACT is comprised of multiple business units, including PIC. EnerACT delivers integrated software tools and related subject matter expertise to the oil and gas pipeline industry to improve operations and safety performance. The primary vehicle is POEMS (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System), a complete solution for operators to confidently operate a high-performance pipeline using the latest technology to achieve business objectives while doing no harm.