EnerACT Introduces Comprehensive Solution to Support Pipeline Operations, Safety Performance & Compliance

Guiding Pipeline Operators Toward Natural Compliance Across the Entire Scope of Pipeline Operations.

Houston, TX — November 15, 2021: EnerACT Energy Services, Inc. (“EnerACT”) announces a complete solution for oil and gas pipeline operators to achieve pipeline safety objectives, operate in compliance with regulations, realize tangible improvements in operational efficiency, and align with Pipeline Safety Management requirements.

Pipeline operations, by its nature, is an extremely technical industry with organizational silos organized around each area of subject matter expertise. EnerACT aims to break down the barriers between these silos and enhance collaboration through an integrated set of software tools specific to each area of subject matter expertise, ultimately improving operations, safety performance, and compliance.

“The EnerACT philosophy is to offer niche subject matter expertise and software tools to each of the multiple operating domains within a pipeline operation. Then, we leverage the success of each entity across the entire pipeline organization,” says EnerACT CEO Russel Treat.

“Through our intentional effort to build quality relationships that are based on deep understanding and trust, each EnerACT business unit produces more meaningful results than larger organizations.”

The business units in the EnerACT family deliver support services and POEMS® Certified software tools to support a holistic solution. The business units provide expertise covering program and process management systems, control room operations, and field operations. Each business unit has deep knowledge of the processes, technologies, and PHMSA compliance issues associated with their technical domain.

PI Confluence (“PIC”) delivers value to pipeline operators through a complete pipeline program management system and regulatory support.

EnerSys Corporation (“EnerSys”) provides pipeline control room operations solutions and software, while ensuring PHMSA CRM Rule compliance.

Gas Certification Institute (“GCI”) provides training, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and field operations software to support field and measurement operations.

EnerACT has a commitment to the pipeline industry and sponsors the Pipeline Podcast Network supporting education through conversation for pipeline professionals covering numerous topics across the pipeline industry.

EnerACT utilizes a matrix philosophy to help operators realize tangible improvements in pipeline programs. EnerACT helps operators motivate the entire operation to act cooperatively across subject matter domains. By sharing resources, the EnerACT business units produce meaningful results for operators to satisfy safety objectives, optimize performance, and ensure compliance through Natural Compliance.

Natural Compliance occurs when operators have systems and tools that enable pipeline operators to plan, efficiently execute and automatically create records supporting analysis and audit. Compliance then becomes the natural output of doing the work, all while supporting a healthy pipeline safety culture.

– Learn more about EnerACT and the opportunity to leverage the comprehensive solution across the entire scope of pipeline operations by visiting the new EnerACTEnergyServices.com website.

ABOUT ENERACT ENERGY SERVICES, INC.: EnerACT delivers integrated software tools and related subject matter expertise to the oil and gas pipeline industry to improve operations and safety performance. The primary vehicle is the POEMS® (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) software platform, a complete solution for operators to confidently operate a high-performance pipeline using the latest technology to achieve business objectives while doing no harm.

ABOUT P.I. CONFLUENCE: PIC enables pipeline operators to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements through governance control system software to support the API Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS / Pipeline SMS / API 1173). The value to pipeline operators of utilizing POEMS® Certified software tools from PIC includes consistency, proper documentation, establishing a defensible position, maturity measurement, improved communications, program execution and effectiveness performance tracking and analytics, and improved audits.

ABOUT ENERSYS CORPORATION: EnerSys provides pipeline control room software tools and related subject matter expertise to pipeline operators. EnerSys is focused on control room operations, including SCADA, scheduling, control room management, leak detection, and interaction with field operations. EnerSys leverages the POEMS® Certified Control Room Management software suite (CRM Suite) to capture the entire pipeline control room, which enables operators to systematically implement the latest technology, achieve continuous improvement, and significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

ABOUT GAS CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE: Since 2000, Gas Certification Institute has provided oil and gas professionals with instructor-led training on the fundamentals of measurement. GCI supports the industry through the delivery of measurement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are sourced in industry standards such as API, AGA, and GPA, enabling operators to uphold contracts and achieve compliance with regulations.

ABOUT PIPELINE PODCAST NETWORK: Since 2017, EnerACT president Russel Treat has delivered education through conversation supporting the advancement of the pipeline industry. The Pipeliners Podcast launched in November 2017 focusing on pipeline operations. This was followed by the addition of the Pipeline Technology Podcast as part of a sponsorship opportunity with Pipeline & Gas Journal, the leading authority on the pipeline industry. In 2022, the Pipeline Podcast Network will expand to introduce the Oil & Gas Measurement Podcast hosted by GCI General Manager Weldon Wright.

ABOUT MUDDY BOOTS ONLINE: The POEMS® Certified Muddy Boots field operations platform supports measurement schematics, field operations activity, meter calibrations, and electronic shift logging. The platform allows operators to record and store operational data, management of operations reporting, and compliance-driven initiatives. The web-based applications in the platform allow for seamless integration with modern web-connected devices.

ABOUT POEMS® CERTIFIED TOOLS: EnerACT developed a suite of robust software tools to support each critical area of pipeline operations. POEMS Certified software tools have passed a rigorous development process to meet the evolving needs of operators to support pipeline safety management, regulatory and compliance requirements, control room operations, and field operations.

ABOUT NATURAL COMPLIANCE: Natural Compliance occurs when the systems used in pipeline operations to perform the work follow an operator’s procedures and naturally create records. Operators are required to be in compliance with a variety of detailed regulations. Regulatory compliance is best achieved when it is the natural result of performing the work. Procedures document what an operator says they will do, and records provide evidence that tasks were performed in compliance with procedures.