Ruth Lacey, new VP of Administration

EnerACT Promotes Oil & Gas Leader Ruth Lacey to VP of Administration

Houston, TX — March 1, 2022: EnerACT Energy Services, Inc. (“EnerACT”) announces the promotion of long-time oil and gas leader Ruth Lacey to the managerial position of Vice President of Administration.

Lacey currently serves as Vice President of Gas Certification Institute (“GCI”), a business unit within the EnerACT family. Since March 2009, Ruth has overseen gas and liquids fundamental measurement training, facilitated the delivery of measurement standard operating procedure manuals (SOPs) for oil and gas companies, and supported day-to-day operations.

Lacey is stepping into an elevated role for EnerACT coordinating team efforts across all business units to support the growth and development of the company.

“Ruth Lacey is the ideal leader to ensure that we continue to create value for our customers and deliver on our promise to support Natural Compliance for each operator that we serve,” says Russel Treat, EnerACT CEO. “As VP of Administration, Lacey will leverage her experience managing oil and gas projects to support each operator’s safety culture. I am confident that each customer will benefit from Lacey’s keen insights and expertise.”

EnerACT deploys solutions through the POEMS® (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) software platform and utilizes a matrix philosophy to help operators realize tangible improvements in their pipeline programs. This approach helps operators motivate the entire operation to act cooperatively across subject matter domains.

Lacey will be responsible for overseeing projects for the EnerACT business units of GCI, EnerSys Corporation (“EnerSys”), and P.I. Confluence (“PIC”) that target specific pipeline safety programs. Through a holistic approach that breaks down silos, EnerACT delivers meaningful results for operators such as elevating the safety culture, optimizing performance, and achieving compliance, naturally.

– Learn more about EnerACT, Ruth Lacey, and the pipeline safety solutions offered by EnerACT by visiting Connect with Lacey on LinkedIn.

ABOUT ENERACT ENERGY SERVICES, INC.: EnerACT delivers integrated software tools and related subject matter expertise to the oil and gas pipeline industry to improve operations and safety performance. The primary vehicle is the POEMS® (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) software platform, a complete solution for operators to confidently operate a high-performance pipeline using the latest technology to achieve business objectives while doing no harm.

ABOUT POEMS® CERTIFIED TOOLS: EnerACT developed a suite of robust software tools to support each critical area of pipeline operations. POEMS Certified software tools have passed a rigorous development process to meet the evolving needs of operators to support pipeline safety, regulatory and compliance requirements, control room operations, and field operations.

ABOUT NATURAL COMPLIANCE: Natural Compliance occurs when the systems used in pipeline operations to perform the work follow an operator’s procedures and naturally create records. Operators are required to be in compliance with a variety of detailed regulations. Regulatory compliance is best achieved when it is the natural result of performing the work. Procedures document what an operator says they will do, and records provide evidence that tasks were performed in compliance with procedures