EnerSys and Muddy Boots Partner to Deliver Integrated Pipeline Control Room and Field Operations


Terri Hoffman
Marketing Refresh

Houston, TX — May 1, 2021: EnerSys Corporation (“EnerSys”), a leader in oil and gas pipeline control room software, and Muddy Boots Online (“Muddy Boots”), an industry leader in cloud-based oil and gas field operations software, have partnered to deliver advanced software capabilities to support integrated control room and field operations.

The Muddy Boots software toolkit is now integrated with the POEMS™ Control Room Management software suite (CRM Suite) to enable control room personnel to initiate call outs, MOCs and work orders from the control room, track responses from the field, and record activity as it happens to provide supervisors with real-time visibility.

“One of the primary challenges for pipeline operators is effectively managing the connection between the pipeline control room and field operations. The control room relies on field personnel to ensure effective operating decisions,” says Russel Treat, CEO, EnerSys Corporation. “We have taken steps to bridge the gap for pipeline operators through a new partnership with Muddy Boots. The toolset creates synergy between the control room and field operations by establishing a clear line of sight between the control room and the field.”

The Muddy Boots toolset works in conjunction with the CRMgr software module in the CRM Suite as a way to generate requests to the field and to give field personnel the tools they need to work the requests and provide feedback to the control room.

These validations and exchanges are recorded in the software as control room and field personnel perform their tasks. Supervisors can then validate activity or follow up on activity to ensure that both sides have a clear understanding of what’s happening in the field and what is being presented to controllers in the control room.

“The ultimate goal is supporting pipeline safety and compliance by generating traceable, verifiable, and complete records and data,” says Mr. Treat. “Additionally, when all data is in one place, operators can increase data accuracy, save time, and save effort using one software platform to support critical tasks.”

– To schedule a demo of the Muddy Boots and CRM Suite integration, contact EnerSys VP Business Development Dale Schafer at 281-598-7200 or by email at dschafer@enersyscorp.com.

– Find out more about the POEMS™ CRM Suite at EnerSysCorp.com.

ABOUT ENERSYS CORPORATION: EnerSys Corporation, an EnerACT company, provides pipeline control room software tools and related subject matter expertise to the oil and gas pipeline industry. EnerSys is focused on control room operations, including SCADA, scheduling, control room management, leak detection, and interaction with field operations. EnerSys leverages the POEMS™ software platform to capture the entire pipeline control room, which enables operators to systematically implement the latest technology, achieve continuous improvement, and significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

ABOUT MUDDY BOOTS ONLINE: Muddy Boots offers a one-stop-shop oil and gas field operations platform for the recording and storage of operational data, management of operations reporting, and compliance-driven initiatives. Muddy Boots supports oil & gas companies by providing an all-in-one, integrated operations software platform to support measurement schematics, field operations activity, meter calibrations, and electronic shift logging. The muddyboots.online web-based applications allow for seamless integration with modern web-connected devices.