Improve Operations Effectiveness and Support Safety Objectives

Pipeliners tend to exist in silos of their particular expertise. The EnerACT vision is to break down those silos and enhance collaboration through an integrated set of software tools and specific subject matter expertise, ultimately improving operations and safety performance.

Supporting Natural Compliance for Oil and Gas Companies

EnerACT president Russel Treat’s vision for integrated pipeline operations is sourced in his early years in oil and gas. Treat started in back-office measurement accounting software, then developed expertise in custody transfer measurement, automation, HMIs and SCADA, control room management, and leak detection. This led to the development of a larger solution incorporating the capabilities of multiple companies.

The key aspect of the larger solution is POEMS® Certified tools that operate like a three-legged stool supporting the full Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. The tools work holistically to support each critical area of pipeline operations to align with PHMSA 192 or 195 safety program regulations, FAQ’s, and inspection questions.

  • Tools for Program Management (Policies & Procedures capture what you will do).
  • Tools for Process Management (Implementation captures whether you are doing what you said you will do).
  • Tools for Task Execution (Natural Compliance is achieved as personnel perform their tasks and do their work).

The EnerACT philosophy is to offer niche capability and expertise specific to the multiple operating domains within a pipeline operation, then to leverage the success of each entity across the entire set of capabilities.

Through our intentional effort to build quality relationships that are based on deep understanding and trust, each EnerACT business unit is able to produce more meaningful results than larger organizations. Through this collaborative approach, we support each client’s journey on the path to Natural Compliance.

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