Natural Compliance with the PHMSA CRM Rule

Utilize Tools & Expertise to Support the Pipeline Control Room

Since its inception in 1994, EnerSys Corporation (EnerSys) has been recognized as an industry leader in the area of innovative SCADA solutions and applications software for PHMSA Control Room Management (CRM) compliance.

EnerSys supports pipeline operators through the optimization of formal control room management programs. This is achieved through the delivery of control room management software in the POEMS CRM Suite and subject matter expertise to identify gaps and room for improvement.

EnerSys covers the following essential areas of the CRM Rule:

  • Documented control room procedures.
  • Alarm management.
  • Adequate information (High-Performance HMI displays for situational awareness).
  • Fatigue mitigation.
  • Incident reporting and controller training.
  • Scheduling and Workload Analysis.

EnerSys continues to support operators through the development of new software capabilities, implementation of best practices, and regulatory compliance support. Through relationships and refinements, EnerSys ensures that operators remain committed to Natural Compliance by doing the work and allowing compliance to happen naturally.

EnerACT Use Case: Alarm Management

Discover how POEMS Certified tools come together to support Alarm Management. See the value of using a complete toolset to support safety, compliance, and regulatory requirements.