Optimize Field and Measurement Operations To Operate Safely

Utilize Tools, Training, and SOPs for Field Operations Excellence

Since 2000, Gas Certification Institute (GCI) has supported oil and gas companies with measurement tools, training, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). GCI ensures that measurement technicians can perform their work safely, efficiently, and with consistency. GCI is recognized as the industry authority on liquid, crude, and natural gas measurement training and SOPs. The provision of training and SOPs enable companies to track performance against standardized processes and continuously update their SOPs based on the latest revisions to industry standards and regulations (e.g. BLM Onshore Orders). To support SOPs and training, GCI offers POEMS® Certified software tools to support measurement techs in the field. The all-in-one Muddy Boots Field Operations Platform is a better breed of field measurement software. This platform helps companies achieve accurate and repeatable measurement in the field, while also streamlining the use of software to perform critical measurement and operations tasks.
  • Procedures create consistency and accuracy.
  • Instructor-led fundamental training courses ensure understanding.
  • Software supports the implementation of SOPs and training.
By utilizing the full GCI toolbox, pipeline operators can consistently achieve their measurement, safety, and operational objectives while naturally complying with regulatory requirements.