Gain Confidence in Achieving Zero Incidents With The Best Software Tools

EnerACT is committed to supporting each pipeline operator’s objectives for operational effectiveness and safety through a robust set of software tools.

POEMS Certified Tools Support Operations & Safety

We believe it is our responsibility to provide operators with the best tools and subject matter expertise to optimize their pipeline programs to drive towards a zero-incident operating reality.

Our POEMS Certified tools have passed a rigorous development process to meet the evolving needs of operators:

  • EnerSys: Control Room Operations and Management tools, SCADA tools, and safety program management tools for pipeline operations.
  • GCI: Measurement training for field technicians and back-office professionals to educate personnel in the field, and Measurement SOPs for operators in the oil & gas industry.

Operators that utilize our tools can confidently perform the full Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle that is embedded in Pipeline Safety Management Systems (Pipeline SMS) to support the industry’s objective of reaching zero incidents. Find out how the use of certified tools improves operations that leads to improvements in safety.

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Control Room and Safety Program Management

Field and Measurement Training and SOPs

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