Optimize Your Pipeline Program To Achieve Audit Readiness

Utilize Process Management Tools To Support Pipeline Safety

P.I. Confluence (PIC) provides a complete governance control system that manages process, workflow, communications, regulatory compliance, and information exchange for pipeline operators to support pipeline safety objectives.

PIC offers POEMS® Certified process management software tools and subject matter expertise that allow operators to document what they planned, what they did, what they know, what they checked, and what they acted on.

Through the implementation of PIC software tools, operators can support their pipeline programs, implement a Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS) to support the full Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, support ESG (Environmental Social Governance) objectives, and achieve regulatory compliance as a natural output.

When an operator’s API-driven SMS is linked with PIC tools, then operators can check that all areas of the SMS are fully deployed throughout the operation. With regulators focusing on each operation’s process and implementation records, the ability to capture the who, what, when, where, and why associated with the execution of pipeline programs has increased in value.

The tools offered by PIC provide the means to effectively manage all of the data required to support programs, track program execution and effectiveness, improve communications, satisfy regulatory inquiries, operate safely, and drive toward continuous improvement.